Globe Traveller

Comprehensive multi-destination and customizable travel insurance


  • Healthcare expenses, repatriation, civil liability, sports, baggage, and more!
  • Valid worldwide for travels up to 12 months long
  • For travelers of all nationalities aged under 66 years old

Our strong points:

  • Valid worldwide
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Hospitalization direct payment
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Multilingual emergency service available 24/7/365
  • Fast reimbursements

Who is this plan for ?

Benefits designed for you

Globe Partner

The insurance to travel everywhere in the world. From EUR 15


  • Up to 12 month
  • Travels all over the world
  • Travelers of all nationalities under 40 years old


Who is this plan for?

Our Strong Point

  • International coverage: you are protected in every country you visit during your trip (outside your home country)
  • Emergency hotline available 24/7 in all main languages
  • Health insurance: immediate coverage of hospitalization expenses. No need for you to advance the medical fees
  • Health insurance: in case of bad health conditions during your journey, we make the arrangements for you to be transferred to the most suitable medical center
  • Repatriation insurance coverage: if necessary, we organize your repatriation to your home country
  • Fast reimbursements everywhere in the world and in more than 100 different currencies
  • Personal civil liability insurance included
  • Globe Partner is the best value for money on the market.

Benefits designed for you